Saturday, March 5, 2016

Looking Ahead

Editor's Note: While I wait for my junior writers to come up with things they want edited and published, I thought I would go ahead and copy over some of the short fiction I've written on Google+ as it's not as easy to find there as it is here.  

"But, what is it?"

"Basically?  A time dilation device."

"You... you built a time machine, in your garage?"

"No - no, not a time machine perse.  You see these large cylinders?  These are some of the largest permanent magnets modern technology can produce."

"There's gotta be a hundred of them."

"137.  These coils are just simple heavy gauge copper, thick enough to carry 880 volts of AC power."

"Thank you very much for agreeing to pay my electric bill.  I had no idea it would result in... this."

"Well, I needed two household mains for this.  But I think you'll agree it will be worth it."

"So, what, real, practical use does this have?"


Tiny LED's arranged in a circle on a custom printed circuit board began illuminating, one by one forming a light chase along all 137 indicators.  Power hummed through banks of capacitors and transformers as a low warbling hum began to fill the cluttered garage.

"Wait, shouldn't we be concerned about metal objects, you know, whizzing through the air, impaling hapless neighbors?"

"No, no... this uses a very specific pulse width modulation pattern that produces powerful peaks of EM with long troughs between them.  The result is a lensing of time space rather than a giant electromagnet.  It's more like artificial gravity in extremely small slices, at least that's what I hope."

Presently the air within the halo of magnetic cylinders began to form visible condensation like a small, soft, spherical cloud.  As it began to swirl turn like a spinning ball, it began to form a toroid, in the center of which the light was undulating from light to dark and back again.

"What's going on there?"

"We're seeing time, bent around in a loop of sorts and fed back on itself.  We're seeing the next several weeks at an accelerated rate.  It's the future."

"I'll be damned."

"I certainly hope not."

A flurry of bright bursts of light interrupted the darkness in the toroid.

"What was that?"

"I expect it's a spring thunderstorm flashing outside the window there. Just like a lightning flash would light up the dark garage at night, that light is travelling at a fixed rate through space, but when it comes to our time lens, it has to bend and compress, so we see it like a movie playing fast forward."

Presently orange light flashed over the image and the yard beyond the wall of the garage appeared.

"Um, I hate to be a wet blanket, but it appears your garage is going to burn to the ground in about 3 weeks."

"Damn.  I guess I better get the insurance up to date then."

"Why is the yard all black.  And where is Corbit Tower?  It should be visible over the hill there. What are we seeing?"

"I... it looks like I'll have more than a garage fire to worry about in three weeks.  We're getting nuked on May the 7th or there abouts." 

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