Saturday, March 5, 2016


"I want you to resign."

A momentary chill silence fell in the room as the Speaker's mouth fell open, but the President raised his hand in a stalling gesture: "let me explain."

The Speaker took a sip of scotch on the rocks while maintaining a cool, level gaze at the President.  "I'm listening."

"I have little time, as you know, at least as you partly know.  Your colleagues in the Senate are preparing articles of impeachment, with a little help from my colleagues in the Senate.", he paused to appraise the impact of his words.  Seeing a meager, groping comprehension, he continued.  "I will resign as well, under overwhelming bipartisan pressure because it will be the right thing to do, a noble exit, heeding the will of the majority, clarifying my respect for "Democracy".  Do you understand."

"To an extent.  What about the Vice President?"

"Jim will have some travel difficulties this weekend." he said dismissively.  The Speaker set his glass down.

"So, you want me to resign, so that your 'colleagues' can help pick my successor, who will become President upon your resignation and, my God, this is ludicrous."

"You've almost got it.  Senator Jonas will appeal to you to rise to the occasion, not resign, and lead the nation.  Naturally, there will be bipartisan support.  Senator Binkle will speak for my party with some aplomb. You'll have little choice, politically or publicly, and your tendered resignation will remove any stain of collusion."

The Speaker sat stunned for a moment.  He folded his hands, looked up at the ceiling, close his mouth and looked back down at the President.  "And where are you going?"

"You are getting it, Bob." the president flashed one of his winning smiles. "General Secretary Wu is going to be, tragically, travelling with the Vice President.  Several nations that have supported my policies will petition me to take on the role as leader of the U.N."

The Speaker furrowed his brow and scratched his chin.  "That's largely a powerless position.  Why General Secretary of the UN? You've certainly got something bigger in mind."

"Of course I do.  Just watch your desk for a bill moving through the committees now, Mr. President.  Sign it when it arrives.  You'll understand fully then."

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