Saturday, March 5, 2016


Hard frost covered the fields and parked autos. A woodpecker alighted on the maple tree outside the window, listened intently, turning his head like a curious dog, hopped up the trunk a little and began pecking at a bit of decayed bark. Debris rained down as the little tree surgeon went to work extricating the infestation of borer larvae. The same fellow had, with no doubt good intention, hammered his beak against the metal flashing on the roof where the rising sun had warmed the structure, creating subtle sounds of expansion which the bird mistook for insects within, just moments before.

Bill thought the scene echoed his attempts to root out corruption in the company. Sometimes he blundered and made a showy, noisome pantomime of corporate security. But then there were the really good meaty days like this past Friday where careful surveillance and data gathering had pinpointed a wealth of destructive worms eating the company from within.

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