Monday, November 30, 2015

A Little History

In 1890, a parcel of land in Ohio came to be settled by a man named Jacob Kennaggy.  Lying across rolling fields and the fringe of a river valley, the property included a stretch of a gravelly glacial moraine.  The property was passed down to subsequent farming families, and eventually was subdivided in the later 1900's.  The farm was abandoned, and the barn, the last structure on the property, eventually tumbled down leaving a ruin of concrete and hand hewn wooden beams sourced from the local trees.

Today, my family owns some of the subdivided land that border this interesting ruin from America's rural agricultural past.  The timbers from the barn lay exposed to the elements to this day, slowly rotting away, but have this year come under my care.  Eventually, I hope to raise up a farm on this land, as many of my neighbors have done, and make something from those beams and timbers, if any solid piece can be found among them.  For my family, though, the ruins of the farm evoke a time lost in the past, full of potential and wonder.  The children love to make up stories about what was once here: a kingdom, a castle, a town, a haunted forest.

Such imaginings were the genesis of this blog.  My kids are budding creative writers, and they enjoy telling stories and role playing stories.  My hope as a homeschooling father is to provide a conduit through which some of their work can be published.  My capacity as editor and mentor will be as minimally invasive as possible with regards to their endeavors, but I will encourage them to produce their best work for this blog, which will be run more as a repository with infrequent additions, as time permits.

I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as my children enjoy dreaming them up.  We all welcome your feedback and look forward to growing as writers together.